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Roller Shutter Doors

Industrial roller shutters

Specialising in the manufacture of industrial doors and roller shutters. Undertaking the complete manufacturing process in our factory including springs, insulated lath and wicket doors, offering the highest quality and reliable industrial roller shutters on the market.

Retail and Commercial

Our Commercial roller shutters offer maximum security and reliability and designed to offer complete discretion.  We have manufactured shutters for countless projects all over the UK. We are able to offer out expert advice on how to achieve the best shutter for your premises using the most practical methods.

Fire Rated Roller Shutters

Fire Rated Shutters look and operate in a similar way to standard steel roller shutters. The physical differences are that the materials used in

Construction of Fire Rated Shutters are heavier and there are many more

Fixings required. The support structure must be fire rated to the

Same or greater fire resistance as the Fire Shutter and the materials used should have appropriate test certification.

Activation and safety must be considered to provide a Fire Rated Shutter based solution that will satisfy all legislative requirements. Pedestrian safety will take precedence, should pedestrians use the door. Audio-visual alarms coupled with optional delayed operation and photocell protection can be fitted to provide warning should the Fire Resistant Shutter be activated in a busy area

Insulated roller shutter

Complete with all brushes and seals, our double skinned industrial roller shutters offer a greater level of insulation to meet the ever increasing demand for thermal efficiency of buildings. These doors can be supplied in a choice of manual chain operation, standard electric operation (1ph or 3ph) or high speed 3ph electric.

Roller Grill


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